PhotoMonkee Publicity

Now that PhotoMonkee is available for people to download and try out it’s time to enter the “promote, fix and enhance” cycle. Having your friends and family try out a product can only get you so far. Last night I submitted PhotoMonkee to some of the large software download sites such as, tucows and snapfiles. It’ll be weeks, if not months before people start downloading the app from those sites but when they start it should be a manageable trickle of users – hopefully with some feedback as to how I can improve PhotoMonkee.

In tandem with promotional activities I need to continue to improve the quality and quantity of features in the product. I’ve started actually using¬†PhotoMonkee on a day to day basis. I’ve been making video tutorials as well as editing images for the website¬†and fanpage.

Coding, for me at least, is the easy part. Promotional work is where the gut check occurs and I get to ask: is my application good enough. While doing the submissions to download sites I took a peek at other shareware image editors. Let’s just say I’m pretty happy with where PhotoMonkee is right now. It’s already got a leg up on most of the competition but in the months ahead as it gets refined from user feedback it will get even better.

The next steps in the publicity bandwagon will be to spend some money to place advertisements on Google Adwords and Facebook. I’m holding off a little bit to see how much organic traffic I can drive to the homepage first.

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