Image editing. Not so plain. Very simple.
The layering system allows you to organize complex creations into manageable pieces.
Supporting four color spaces and a customizable swatch system, PhotoMonkee's palette is a joy to use.
Color Adjust
Touch up your creations using several intuitive color adjustment tools.
Blazing fast filters use the latest in CPU and GPU acceleration.
Color Picker
Modify the current palette color by picking a color from your current image.
Apply styles to layers such as drop-shadow and outter-glow. Each style can be modified, applied, or removed at any time.
Text Tools
Create, edit, and style text to create logos or captions in your work.
Create stock and custom shapes with various borders and fills.
Paths Use lines, cubic splines and quadratic splines to fine tune selection masks or create custom shapes.
RGB and HSL histograms provide you with another way to analyze your image data.
Image Adjust
Crop, resize and rotate images using marquee tools, or our simple to use cropping tool.
Apply gradients to your image or text for added style.